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Draw A Manga Face

Drawing Manga Faces
Let's look at a website that shows kids, and kids at heart, how to draw. One of the blog posts details how to draw Manga faces. 

This page gives a step by step tutorial.

Frosted Beer Brownies

Found this brownie mix on Youtube.

The recipe beings with flour.
"There’s not much that a brownie can’t fix in life. At least, that’s how it feels when you bite into a really good brownies, and these are are really. good. brownies. Now they might not be for everyone, since we put a very special ingredient into the mix, but they seriously hit the spot if you like said ingredient. Have you guessed what the secret ingredient is yet? It’s beer! Before you get worried, don’t worry, the alcohol burns off while these bad boys bake, leaving behind the perfect amount of flavor. This means: choose your beer wisely! We used a chocolate espresso stout, but feel free to use whatever strikes your can’t go wrong with these.
Once you’ve got your beer, whip up your brownie batter and pop everything in the oven. This next part is optional, but we highly recommend it - frosting time. Now, if this batch is for a big beer lover feel free to add a splash of beer into the frosting, otherwise butter, powdered sugar and vanilla extract are all you need. Spread a thick layer of that creamy goodness onto your brownies once they’ve cooled (if you can wait that long), then you’re good to go. This recipe is the perfect example of making one small change that totally elevates a dish, so try it out!"


Recipe written here:

Find And Delete

Google Home
"Google Home and the Amazon Echo Dot were popular gifts this holiday season. The voice-activated assistants both provide a variety of services that can help you out around the house and entertain you. But to accomplish this task, they also keep audio recordings of everything you have ever asked them. It's a little bit creepy, but both companies say this history is important to help the devices learn and serve you better. If this still bothers you, here's how to find the recordings and delete them."*

*Business Insider